Which type of MSP is best for your organisation’s contingent talent needs?

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How an MSP supports your organisation to accomplish short-term...

How an MSP supports your organisation to accomplish short-term talent acquisition and long-term talent strategy objectives 

Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution streamlines the procurement of temporary, contractual, and other types of contingent talent. This broad spectrum of services includes strategies from sourcing and screening talent to the management of blended workforces. 

An adept MSP partner aligns their approach with a client company's culture, core values, and recruitment objectives. This is done to foster a meaningful partnership and deliver the appropriate solution type, from Enterprise MSP to Hybrid MSP to Neutral Vendor MSP.  

 Are you experiencing scaling, internationalising, or cost-optimising challenges? Are you struggling to find the right, skilled talent as you ramp up for a new project? Partnering with an MSP can yield an array of immediate and long-term advantages; offering optimal flexibility, transparency, and expertise to fulfil your contingent workforce needs. 

As an MSP provider, Cpl's Talent Evolution Group specialises in crafting personalised talent acquisition strategies and offering ongoing support tailored to the specific hiring and retention requirements of your organisation. Our approach is to align your company's culture, core values, and recruitment objectives to foster a meaningful partnership and deliver the appropriate solution type. 

 What are the types of MSP? 

There are many types of Managed Service Provider solutions, from Enterprise MSP to Hybrid MSP to Neutral Vendor MSP. Each one is tailored to accommodate your specific business requirements. 

An MSP partner collaborates with your organisation to ensure a positive experience for both candidates and clients. The solutions team devises modular strategies 1 that seamlessly integrate the best of people, processes, and technology to collaboratively design a Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution that aligns your talent needs and strategic goals. 


Figure 1. Elements of Talent Innovation 

Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group utilises a unique modular strategy called the 'Elements of Talent Innovation' process for our MSP services. This method allows us to apply vast industry knowledge to design a programme that is custom-made to meet your recruitment goals. 

Enterprise MSP 

End-to-end Enterprise MSP is a customised, scalable solution for contingent workforce procurement and management, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your  organisations. 

Employing a consultative approach, we listen and collaborate with you, ensuring that our solutions optimally align with your specific talent requirements and strategic objectives. 

Our programs are meticulously structured through our 'elements' approach, encapsulating a comprehensive range of services. This includes the management of contingent workforce recruitment and onboarding, third-party suppliers, operational aspects of the contingent workforce, as well as the relevant technology and systems. Additionally, our offering extends to advisory services, providing expert guidance and support throughout the entire process. 

Hybrid MSP 

A Hybrid MSP is an adaptable solution that merges the comprehensive benefits of an Enterprise MSP with the flexibility that your organisation requires. It can be tailored to support particular segments of your organisation, such as IT or technical resources. This versatility allows for a more targeted approach to managing specific areas of your business, ensuring that each domain gets the focused attention it requires. 

Moreover, the hybrid model can also be aligned with project-based needs. This is particularly useful when there is a substantial project in progress or an aggressive ramp-up timeline to adhere to. In addition, the hybrid MSP can efficiently cater to multi-regional requirements. It takes into account variations in laws and cultures across different regions, offering a globally competent solution that can navigate legalities and cultural nuances with ease. 

Neutral Vendor MSP 

A Neutral Vendor MSP offers a comprehensive programme for managing your contingent workforce. This solution is independent from a master sourcing model and vendor neutral in approach. The key characteristic of this model is its ability to focus on delivering the most effective solutions by targeting the most qualified, specialised talent; rather than promoting specific vendors. 

These types of models are capable of creating highly competitive supplier programs. This is achieved through the optimisation of the Vendor Management System (VMS) process and active supplier engagement. The result is a more efficient, impartial, and competitive process that can drive better outcomes for your organisation. This solution is also great for streamlining reporting and for your organisation to have clear oversight of your contingent workforce recruitment processes. 

Want to figure out the best Managed Service Provider solution for your organisationSchedule a consultation to explore how Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group can work with you to tailor a specific solution for your business needs and goals.