Recruitment Marketing

Your talent acquisition needs require the most advanced methods.

Recruitment Marketing is the answer.

Get your employer brand in front of the right talent, at the right time, at the right cost.

Our recruitment marketing solution is ideal for:

Targeting, engaging, and nurturing sought-after talent

70% of the workforce comprises of passive talent not actively seeking new career opportunities.* Your ideal candidate rarely visits your career site, browses job boards, or reads your LinkedIn job listings. 

We guarantee that you will reach them and help you craft a compelling message to attract your ideal profiles.  

Overcome your talent acquisition challenges in today's ultra-competitive market with our end-to-end recruitment marketing solution. 

Target, engage, and nurture sought-after talent who may not know about your organisation or are not actively looking for a position. When it's time for a career change, you will be top of their minds as an employer of choice. 

Add 40+ Years of Recruitment Marketing Expertise to Your Team

When you partner with Cpl's Talent Evolution Group, our specialised team becomes an integrated part of your TA & HR function. Your dedicated recruitment marketing experts include: 

  • Strategists 

  • Campaign Managers 

  • Content Marketing Specialists 

  • Multimedia Specialists 

  • Designers 

  • Email Marketers 

  • Paid Advertising Specialists 



We devise and execute your bespoke recruitment marketing strategy to deliver transformational business results.

Our 5-step process includes:

1. Diagnosis

A comprehensive analysis of your current recruitment marketing strategy

2. Strategy & Tactics

Strategic planning and implementation of recruitment marketing campaigns

3. Content Production

Developing content and creative materials to attract, engage, and nurture the right talent

4. Execution

Targeted, multi-channel approach to effectively reach potential job seekers

5. Measurement & Optimisation

Ongoing tracking, in-depth analysis, and optimisation of recruitment marketing performance

Elevate Your Talent Acquisition Strategy with Cpl's Talent Evolution Group

Partner with Cpl's Talent Evolution Group and gain access to the expertise and innovative marketing tactics required to attract the top talent your organisation needs to thrive. 

Contact us today to discover how Cpl Talent Evolution Group’s recruitment marketing service can help you elevate your talent acquisition strategy for unparalleled success.  

Associate Director – Cpl's Talent Evolution Group

Niamh O'Connor

Niamh is an experienced client service, talent acquisition, and HR professional. She has supported clients with the setup and delivery of recruitment services across the public sector, semi-state, financial services, social media, telecoms, and IT industry. 

Niamh manages client requests with their ongoing recruitment services and needs. Niamh has also supported the setup and delivery of recruitment support services to newly established companies in the Irish market.

Niamh utilises her experience of implementing new processes, procedures, and systems to streamline operational activities with some of our top clients in the public and private sector including ensuring compliance across all new legislation.

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