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Multilingual Talent Solutions

Expertly navigate the complexities of multilingual talent acquisition and management

Harness the power of tailored Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Managed Service Provider (MSP) solutions to source, screen, and hire exceptional multilingual talent. Elevate your employer brand and ensure regulatory compliance while addressing the unique challenges of managing a diverse, multilingual workforce. 

Rely on our dedicated team of experts who understand the intricacies of sourcing talent with specific language skills, ensuring cultural fit, and navigating legal complexities recruiting across various regions. 

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  • Shorter time to hire due to immediate access to a diverse pool of multilingual candidates 
  • Culturally informed recruitment strategies minimise the risk of candidates dropping out of the hiring process 

  • Scalable and efficient workforce management to add expertise fast, when you need it 

  • Compliance with regional and global hiring laws & practices  reduce the complexity of hiring across different reqions 

  • Cost-effective recruitment solutions for specialised multilingual roles 

  • Reliable assessment methods to accurately verify qualifications and language proficiency  

  • Proven strategies to enhance retention, reducing the risk of turnover due to cultural misfit 

Elements of these solutions may include

  • Market entry advisory 
  • National and international sourcing  

  • Talent pool management 

  • Reporting and insights 

  • Recruitment marketing 

  • Compliance and legal advisory 

Trusted by multilingual talent seeking clients over the course of 30 years

Proven talent solutions designed to meet your organisation's unique needs

Helping multinational corporations establish themselves in new markets 

Compliance with regulations throughout the onboarding process


High - Volume and large-scale recruitment


Talent needs across different areas of your business (call centres, customer service, and more) 


Providing language specialists to creatively sourcing talent (e.g., joining Facebook groups, attending local meetups and immigration events to name a few)


Showcase your employer brand through advanced recruitment marketing solutions

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