Major Social Media Client Requiring Multilingual Talent - Managed Service Provider (MSP)

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The Client  Our client is one of the largest and most imp...

The Client  

Our client is one of the largest and most impactful social media companies in the world, with millions of monthly users. 

Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group initially partnered with this social media client in 2015 and have since built a long-term relationship together. 

The client had a requirement for an array of multilingual talent across a variety of languages and, in 2017, the Talent Evolution Group implemented a Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution within the client’s advertising team.  

This programme has grown from a single managed services team within the advertising department to a wider MSP offering within the client’s trust and safety department.  

The Talent Evolution Group’s service has also expanded to support hiring within the client’s finance, procurement, and marketing teams, in a non-managed service capacity. 

The Talent Evolution Group’s focus on ‘quality of hire’ is a key reason for the success of this client relationship. Many of the contingent hires become full-time employees; a testament to the quality of our processes, screening, and in-depth alignment with the client's needs.  

Client Challenge

With the growing expansion of multinational companies, the market for multilingual candidates has become highly competitive and many employers are finding it challenging to attract and retain this talent.  

Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group provide expert services and advice to our clients, to address their talent needs.  

Given our long history of successfully placing multilingual contingent talent, the client reached out to Cpl’s Talent Evolution GroupFor this client, our services and advice included: 

  • Filling talent gaps in their advertisement and trust and safety teams 

  • Reducing the time spent on resourcing, interviewing, and training 

  • Ensuring robust governance and compliance, including background checks 

  • Engaging and managing a temporary workforce 

  • Maintaining workforce flexibility while increasing retention 

Client Journey

The objective of our partnership has been to provide continued support for the sourcing and recruitment of the best talent across our client’s business; while providing a great candidate experience. 

This MSP has grown to include the acquisition and daily management of talent across a range of teams and functions. For this client, we have provided an embedded on-sitmanagement team to oversee the expansive MSP.  

The Talent Evolution Group’s team manages multilingual contingent workforcespeaking 12 different languages and impacting client operations across the globe. We primarily support the sourcing, interviewing, and on-boarding of Arabic, French, Japanese, German, Turkish, Spanish, English, Korean, and Mandarin speakers. 

MSP Elements

Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group provides a full range of MSP service components, which are broken down into elements. This unique, customisable MSP process, is called the ‘Elements of Talent Innovation.’  

By analysing the initial tender, having in-depth discussions with the client to understand their goals, and using vast industry knowledge, the Talent Evolution Group team offers a tailored programme to meet the client's needs. This approach ensures client expectations are met and allows Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group to utilise several aspects of each type of MSP offering.  

The Talent Evolution Group team proposed applying the following elements to help the client reach their hiring goals: 

  • Programme management   

  • Talent acquisition  

  • Localised sourcing strategy  

  • Talent pool management  

  • Recruitment co-ordination 

  • Recruitment marketing  

  • People value proposition 

  • Reporting and insights  

  • Candidate experience   

  • Recruitment function design

  • Training  

  • Cost optimisation  

  • Technology platforms  

  • Compliance and legal advisory  

  • Contingent workforce engagement 

  • Financial process management  

Client Success 

Since the beginning of the MSP, Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group team have consistently met and exceeded the client’s expectations. The objective of the partnership has been to provide continued support for the sourcing and recruitment of the best talent across our client’s business, while providing a stellar candidate experience. 

Despite the hiring challenges for multilingual talent, specifically for Japanese, German, and French speakersCpl’s Talent Evolution Group was able to recruit talent that was proficient in these in-demand languages. 

The client trusts Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group to managthe entire recruitment process, including sourcinginterviewing, and on-boarding 

Our MSP service includes a comprehensive suite of reports and insights which provide transparency to the operations of the programme and ensure all objectives are not only met, but exceeded.  

Most multilingual hire requests are met with qualified candidate’s CVs within 3-5 days of the initial request. Roles are filled within 6-8 weeks, including required checks and candidate notice period. The Talent Evolution Group averages an interview-to-placement ratio of 1:3 to 1:2, which shows the quality of expertise of Talent Evolution Group’s multilingual team. 

The embedded management team also provides in-depth background checks for employees, support with different internal employee programmes, and manages all aspects of payroll. 

The high quality of candidates delivered by Cpl’s Talent Evolution group is also evidenced by the number of employees that have progressed to manager level within their teams. 


Over the past 7 years, this social media client’s MSP programme has evolved beyond the original request for 30 employees within one team to 160 temporary employees, spanning multiple departments across the client site. This programme expansion demonstrates Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group’s ability to conceive and run complex managed services and build long-term committed relationship with clients. 

Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group team manage a growing workforce and works in tandem with the client to ensure the quality of hirescandidate experience, and hiring process are simple and effective. This globally renowned client continues to extend and enhance their MSPa reflection of their positive experience and appreciation of Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group.