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Need support to grow your organisation?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the answer

We provide a suite of RPO services that can be fully customised to your specific talent needs. 

Our unique‘elements’ approach means we can design unique combinations of skills, processes & services as your talent journey evolves over time. 

Our RPO model is ideal for:

Short-term, customised and large-scale end-to-end hiring

You may require the following:

  • An agile 6-month project RPO solution to get you over a scaling challenge

  • A customised solution designed to meet your organisations bespoke needs

  • A large scale end-to-end RPO to reduce pressures in internal TA teams

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing provides short-to-long term benefits

Our teams offer unrivalled industry expertise and a focus on transformation driven by our core values, long-standing industry relationships and access to leading technologies; providing a variety of key benefits through RPO solutions. These include:

  • Expert driven recruitment process
  • Cost optimisation
  • Reporting and talent analytics
  • Improved employer brand
  • Exceptional candidate experience

Types of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Develop and implement tailored talent acquisition strategies, improving recruitment procedures, bringing expertise, and providing long-term support to attract and retain quality talent

Our fully scalable end-to-end Enterprise recruitment solution brings together the best in people, processes, and technology. Enterprise can include all or part of the process – it’s up to you. Sample elements include:

  • Full talent function, including talent acquisition, sourcing, and talent marketing 
  • End-to-end recruitment process management 
  • Local and international strategic sourcing
  • End-to-end talent technology 
  • Customised reporting 
  • Talent advisory 

We will work with you to find the best solutions and co-create an RPO that meets your talent needs and strategic goals.

Our short to medium-term project RPO offering is best suited to start-ups, ramp-ups or project hiring needs. Our project consultants will work with you to develop a solution that covers all or part of the recruitment process. This RPO will fit in with your current talent acquisition teams and strategies with zero disruption.

Our selective RPO offering allows you to customise the support your company needs. Choose the part or parts of the recruitment process you need to outsource, and we’ll provide the best solutions. Examples of past Selective RPO solutions include sourcing and screening, onboarding or pipeline and candidate assessments. This system has a 'proven track record' of supporting volume or niche hiring. Our team can help you tailor a Selective RPO to fit your needs.

Embedded talent acquisition RPO gives you the flexibility to add to your internal Human Resources (HR) function and talent resources, so you can address business initiatives or support talent needs. 

Embedded talent acquisition RPO gives immediate access to skilled recruitment and sourcing professionals without process or technology implementation.  

Our custom embedded talent acquisition solution is designed to integrate with your existing talent acquisition process, with minimal disruption and immediate benefit.  

Our embedded talent acquisition models are purposefully designed to enable you to rapidly scale up or down, bring in new skillsets and capabilities or servicesevolving your solution as your needs change. 

RPO Elements

At the core of our talent solutions services is what we call 'Elements of Talent Innovation'. An approach that enables us to bring the most relevant services, competencies, and skillsets together at speed - regardless of where you are on your talent journey.

Our group and services are built to deal with the myriad of talent solution challenges you face. Each element can be scaled up or down during your talent journey.

Elements of Talent Innovation

Each solution is unique and comes with times of scaling, change, and innovation. Effective programme management ensures people and teams are focused and collaborating across departments, working together to achieve a shared strategic vision. Benefit from our experienced programme management team, who will implement, overview, and innovate your talent solutions.  

Our Talent Acquisition teams bring expertise and best practice to our clients. They partner with your business and hiring managers to bring market insights, robust recruitment process management, and an exceptional experience for managers and candidates. You may leverage them as an element of a broader solution or embedded within your teams to give additional bandwidth.

Proactive and targeted talent attraction strategies are core to successful service delivery. Certain sectors and skill sets require localised recruitment with a niche talent attraction and marketing strategy. Our 30 years of experience in European markets and unparalleled access to market insights tools will ensure your talent strategy will be local to each market, avoiding costly mistakes and ensuring the best return on investment. 

Proactive and targeted talent attraction strategies are core to successful service delivery. Our international sourcing elements were created to support attracting international talent and ramping up hiring efforts in new locations. For our clients, this international sourcing strategy provides access to specific skills available on the global market to bridge their skill gaps. 

For high volume, repeatable, or contingent workforces, building talent pools of screened and warm candidates enables our clients to quickly identify the most suitable candidates, shortening the time to hire to meet your talent needs at pace and scale. 

Talent brand amplification involves a blend of marketing and HR practices to showcase your organisation’s culture, values, benefits, and opportunities in a way that resonates with talent. This strategic process promotes and magnifies your reputation as an employer, resulting in a higher appeal to existing and potential employees. Strategies could include creating engaging content (e.g., blog articles, videos, interviews), utilising targeted social media advertising, facilitating employee advocacy, and providing an improved online presence for your employer brand. 

A seamless recruitment process that prioritises a positive experience for candidates is paramount. Our skilled teams have refined various processes and practices, combining effective recruitment strategies, and cutting-edge technology. This approach allows us to create exceptional recruitment coordination. These services can support your existing talent solutions or serve as a fully outsourced recruitment model.

Our in-house recruitment marketing team devise your strategy and uses marketing tactics and methodologies to attract, engage, and nurture talent before they apply for your jobs. These tactics may include creating engaging talent microsites; targeted social media & search advertising; producing multimedia content (e.g., video, audio, graphics); and deploying advanced email marketing journeys. The goal is to inspire people to want to work for your organisation by promoting your employer brand and conveying what makes your company a great place to work.

A People Value Proposition (PVP) is a total design of the value people receive when they join and stay in your business. It is the essence, the experiences, the culture, and the story of your organisation all rolled into one.

Underpinning our services and solutions is our reporting and data analytics suite, involving collecting, analysing, and visualising data related to your talent acquisition process. Harnessing these insights allows your organisation to make informed strategic decisions based on concrete evidence, helping to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your recruitment strategies.

Navigate new markets confidently and secure the essential talent to drive your business success. Benefit from our comprehensive market entry advisory, which includes talent pool analysis to identify the best candidates, salary benchmarking to ensure competitive compensation, job description evaluation to attract the right skills, expert guidance for smooth market entry, and strategic talent marketing strategies to elevate your employer brand. Over the years, several organisations partnered with us to make their business expansion seamless and successful.

Achieve more successful hires by enhancing the candidate experience, as consistently supported by research and data. Take the vital step of mapping the candidate journey with us, identifying gaps or areas for improvement to reach your desired talent results. Choose to integrate this element into your comprehensive talent solution, or opt for a bespoke approach that seamlessly supports your internal teams

For over 30 years, as trusted talent partners to some of the world’s most respected businesses, we have been optimising and reengineering recruitment processes to align with clients’ unique needs and goals. Whether as part of a broader solution or a bespoke service tailored just for your organisation, this approach supports your business in designing a recruitment function that positions you to thrive. It’s a holistic solution, seamlessly integrating top-tier talent, proven processes, and cutting-edge technology to fuel your success.

Access a comprehensive suite of Psychometric Assessments tailored to your needs, including ability assessments, skills tests, and personality profiling. Benefit from expert support in leveraging psychometrics for insightful recruitment and selection processes, internal promotion decisions, and targeted personal, team, and leadership development initiatives.

Building diverse and inclusive workplaces is a top priority for organisations. We help you identify and support DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) goals, seamlessly integrating these principles into end-to-end recruitment processes. From talent attraction strategies crafted by experienced recruitment marketing teams to comprehensive screening protocols and hiring manager training focused on diversity, you can count on expert support to advance your diversity initiatives effectively.

Hiring managers are crucial in attracting top talent and fostering a positive candidate experience. Recognising that they may occasionally require extra support and guidance, we offer comprehensive training programs focused on interviewing techniques, assessments, and DEI best practices. To address your organisation’s unique needs, we design bespoke training sessions tailored to empower your hiring managers and enhance your recruitment process.

Using a broad spectrum of suppliers may allow you to secure specialised or high-volume talent swiftly. However, managing legal compliance, onboarding processes, performance tracking, and the financial aspects of these suppliers can divert valuable time and expertise from your core business operations. With a longstanding track record in supplier management, particularly for permanent and contingent recruitment, our team serves as your trusted partner. Benefit from bespoke agile and adaptable solutions tailored to meet your business needs - both today and in the years to come.

The right talent partner is committed to delivering value at every turn, optimising and avoiding unnecessary costs for your business. Leverage extensive service offerings designed with your organisation’s sustained value in mind. Our consistent, disciplined, and data-driven practices effectively help you reduce spending and control costs, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives with peace of mind and confidence.

Implementing best-in-class technology platforms allows us to streamline and automate key aspects of your talent acquisition and HR functions. These areas include employee payroll and compensation, talent acquisition and management, workforce analytics, performance management, and benefits administration. We value the flexibility of adopting new solutions or partnering with your current technology providers to enhance and solidify your HR & talent acquisition operations.

Gain the clarity needed to accurately assess your business needs and select the most fitting technology to drive effective solutions with the guidance of our talent technology advisory. We provide professionals with hands-on expertise who operate and manage platforms and serve as your talent technology partners. Gain peace of mind from our expert guidance by defining your requirements and strategising how to maximise the benefits of your talent technology investments. This collaboration is instrumental in a journey towards achieving talent and business objectives.

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