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Wondering how your people will thrive tomorrow?

Future of Work & Talent Design is the answer

The Future of Work Institute, explores, questions, and designs future work solutions with our clients, partners, and associates. Our innovative talent solutions are completely customisable to meet your people and organisational needs.

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Future Talent Solutions

At Cpl’s Future of Work Institute, we are helping organisations to redefine their employer brand by mapping their people value proposition (PVP).

We have seen first-hand the transformational value that having a well-structured PVP can have for both the employee and the organisation.

Our unique co-creation approach allows us to:

  • Design a PVP in which needs of the employees and the organisation come first 

  •  Create the campaigns and content to drive talent attraction, engagement, and retention.

Our design led approach, our years of experience and our talent marketplace insights, allow us to make meaningful impact for your business and your brand in the eyes of your most important asset, your people.

Cpl Group has been in the health, safety, and wellness space for over 20 years, providing health screening, occupational health services, health & safety standards, and wellness solutions to thousands of clients.

Through our Future of Work Institute, we believe that how organisations and employees work is evolving, and health, safety, and wellness will be key enablers for the future.  

We have converged our services to bring tailor-made, future-focused, enterprise-level wellness solutions to support our clients' current and future needs. With over 1,000 expert health coaches and over 24 service elements, The Future of Work Institute is one of the largest health, safety, and wellness providers in Europe. 

Key PVP Benefits Include

  • Attract higher quality talent
  • Enhanced employee morale
  • Reduced cost of hiring
  • Reduced time to hire
  • Increased retention rates
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Key Workplace Wellness Benefits include

  • Wellness account manager
  • Wellness programme tailored to your people and organisation's needs
  • Network of health experts and coaches
  • Access to future trends
  • All your wellness needs in one location
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We use a three step process to craft customisable solutions

To meet your organisations needs


This stage aims to understand the existing challenge(s) and the broad cultural nuances of your organisation. This is done through a workshop or series of workshops with key stakeholders, the use of our evidence-based digital diagnostic tools and a full review of any processes/policies as needed.


We use the output of 'Understand', and, if needed, a series of workshops, focus groups or digital diagnostics to design a key output to address agreed challenges. This includes a full strategy document, timelines, implementation plan, costing and measurement tools.


In this phase, we use the data and agreed strategy to support you with the implementation of the agreed recommendation using our strategic partners as needed.

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