Multiregional Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Client - Managed Service Provider (MSP)

The Client Our client is a multiregional success story within the pharma...

The Client 

Our client is a multiregional success story within the pharmaceutical development and manufacturing space. They began with a vision of making a substantial contribution to healthcare across the globe and have built services across Pharmaceutical and API development as well as clinical technology.  

In 2021, Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group successfully became the Managed Service Provider (MSP) across sites in the UK and Ireland and now manage full end-to-end total talent solutions service for all contingent manufacturing workers. Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group manage all aspects of the temporary staff programme for workers on assignment from recruitmenton-boardingand human resources management to exit interviews and offboarding. 

Client’s Challenge 

A third generation MSP, our client was looking for a service which exceeded what had been offered by the previous provider. The client had some specific needs which had to be met, including:  

  1. Staff facilities in two regions, with different MSP regulations  

  1. Increased suitability of temporary talent   

  1. Better compliance and temporary workforce management 

  1. Provide reporting and insight data on the MSPand contingent workforce 

Switching providers creates unique challenges for both the client and the service provider. The client was in a place of high service expectations and low tolerance for sub-par delivery. Thus, Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group needed to quickly understand the client's needs and adapt to meet their expectations. 

The Client’s Journey

The client had experience working with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) but found that their needs were not being met. The service went to tender, a competition Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group team won because of our unique MSP elements approach, the ability to source talent across two distinct legislative areas, and the number of unique features which could be brought into the MSP. 

Seamlessly navigate two distinct legislative areas with different approaches to MSP: 

The client had 250 employees registered with the previous provider. Not only were these employees registered with a separate provider, but they were also spanning two distinct legislative areas, with different approaches to contingent workforce compliance. 

Cpl’s Talent Evolution group transitioned these 250 employees within timelines and with minimal impact to current workers, solving a massive regulation hurdle, while keeping production at our client’s sites at capacity. Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group now manages a team of 265 people at the sites.   

Increased suitability of temporary talent: 

  • Sourcing strategy 

  • Recruitment co-ordination  

  • Recruitment function design  

  • Screening for Quality  

One of the reasons the client decided to switch providers was the quality of talent they were receiving and the Managed Service Provider’s ability to recruit this talent efficiently, as they were experiencing delays getting qualified individuals added to their workforce.  

With Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group, the client simply makes a request to the Talent Evolution Group team and the process of recruiting, on-boarding, and training. Our extensive talent pool, which was stocked by a full recruitment marketing campaign, enabled the team to quickly ramp up recruitment and reach qualified candidates. As Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group was looking after onboarding compliance, the client only received top quality candidates. 

Better compliance and temporary workforce management: 

The client faced a significant challenge with managing the onboarding compliance requirements for their temporary workers. The client regularly employs temporary workers to meet fluctuating demands, so it is important for them to know that their temporary worker onboarding compliance requirements are in capable hands.  

Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group partnered with the client to deliver a streamlined and efficient solution to ensure that all temporary workers were onboarded compliantly and in accordance with the industry regulations.  

The Talent Evolution Group’s proactive approach to temporary worker onboarding benefitted the client with enhanced compliance, operational efficiency, scalability, risk mitigation, cost savings, and confidence when facing audits and inspections. As a result, the client can focus on their core business operations and strategic goals, knowing that their temporary worker onboarding compliance requirements are being provided by Cpl's Talent Evolution Group. 

Provide reporting and insight data on the MSP: 

The client benefits by Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group delivering customised monthly business & quarterly reports 

Cpl Talent Evolution Group collates and delivers monthly and quarterly customised business reports. These reports provide key stakeholders from the client organisation with valuable insights into various aspects of their temporary workforce management so that they can make better decisions for their business..  

By analysing metrics such as total hours delivered, total spend, and recruitment activitiesthe client gains insights into workforce productivity, cost management, and hiring trends. This information helps in making informed decisions regarding workforce planning and resource allocation.  

Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group has a collaborative partnership which encourages quarterly business reviews with the client organisation’s key stakeholders.  These meetings create a structured feedback loop where the stakeholders can share their experiences and insights regarding the service we deliver, which helps Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group tailor its services to meet the client’s challenges and opportunities. 

MSP Elements of Innovation

Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group team uses a unique MSP element process, called the “Elements of Talent Innovation. Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group provides a full range of MSP services, which are broken down into these elements. By analysing the tender, having in-depth discussions with the client to understand their goals, and applying vast industry knowledge the Talent Evolution Group team can offer a program tailored specifically to meet the client's needs. This approach provides only the best solutions for clients anallows Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group to utilise several aspects of each type of MSP offering. For this client, the Talent Evolution Group team proposed applying the following elements to help the client reach their hiring goals: 

  • Programme management  

  • Talent acquisition 

  • Localised sourcing strategy 

  • Talent pool management 

  • Recruitment co-ordination 

  • Recruitment marketing 

  • Reporting and insights 

  • Candidate experience  

  • Recruitment function design 

  • Training 

  • Compliance and Legal Advisory 

Client Success

Over the first year of this MSP, Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group team needed to improve the client’s expectations around the quality of service. Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group felt the client had high standards, but low expectations, which may have been influenced by previous poor experiences with other providers. The client also wanted many of the MSP elements to be delivered immediately, given the gaps they had experienced in previous services. 

The Talent Evolution Group team took the clients concerns on board and set a timeline for bringing the new MSP up to speed.  Over a period of 6-9 months the MSP was able to: 

  • Implement the full MSP, processespeopleand technology  

  • Seamlessly navigate two distinct legislative areas with different approaches to MSP 

  • Grow the employee base 

  • Increase the quality of hires 

  • Provide regular accurate reporting on the MSP 

By the first-year anniversary of the new contract being in place, Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group team had become a stable and trusted service provider to the client.  


  • Expediently transition 250 workers 

  • Expanded work force to 265 people 

  • Manage the MSP across two distinct regions 

  • Created a quality talent acquisition workflow 

  • Built a trusted and reliable partnership