Insurance Client High-Volume Project - Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

The Client Our client is a global insurance company, providing market-leading products&...

The Client 

Our client is a global insurance company, providing market-leading products across car, home, health, and business markets. Currently, their services extend to over 100 million individuals in 57 countries and are provided by more than 160,000 employees. 

Client Challenge 

Our client was looking for a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner to support high volume recruitment projects to facilitate hiring ramps in the call centres and office networks.  

The client’s internal teams supported sourcing on these role types, however, the organisation had significant concerns regarding volume of applications, quality of responses, and the capacity of the talent delivery team to complete the projects within the necessary timescales and on budget.  

Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group was selected to develop and run a comprehensive RPO solution, including talent attraction marketing strategy, sourcing and screening of candidates to bridge the quality gap, interview selection, onboarding, and full process management. The client’s request was to complete each RPO project, with successful candidates starting within 14 weeks of the talent acquisition process commencement. 

Client Journey  

The client was transparent about the concerns they had about the pressure this extra work would place on their in-house talent delivery team given progress to date. They recognised that to be successful in meeting the demands of the business, they required additional support and that Cpl's Talent Evolution Group could offer a tailored Project RPO solution 

The benefit to our client was that they were able to transfer the entire recruitment process to a dedicated Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group team to ensure that candidates and hiring managers had an excellent recruitment experience.  

RPO Elements 

At the core of our talent solutions are what we call 'Elements of Talent Innovation'. This approach enables us to bring the most relevant services, competencies, and skillsets together at speed. Our approach to this project utilised the following elements: 

  • Programme Management
  • Talent Acquisition    
  • Localised Sourcing Strategy
  • Talent Brand Amplification 
  • Recruitment Marketing
  • Recruitment Co-ordination 
  • Employee Value Proposition
  • Reporting and Insights 
  • Candidate Experience
  • Cost Optimisation 

Client Success 

Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group, in collaboration with our internal recruitment marketing team, delivered a targeted talent attraction campaign. This campaign was tailored to capture the interest of individuals who may not have previously considered opportunities within the target job families 

The Talent Evolution Group’s dedicated sourcing specialists participated in meetings with client stakeholders and our talent acquisition partners, ensuring alignment with client objectives and timelines. 

The close coordination between Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group and the client facilitated an efficient and synchronised recruitment campaign. 

Central to our client’s strategy was the implementation of a comprehensive Project RPO program, overseeing the entire recruitment lifecycle. This initiative included the introduction of refined pre-screening assessments and screening calls, meticulously designed to evaluate candidates' suitability and core competencies for the roles, both behavioural and technical.  

Employing an array of inclusive channels, Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group effectively identified and attracted both active job seekers and passive talent with diverse backgrounds. 

Cpl's Talent Evolution Group remained committed to providing support from the initial application stage to the conclusion of the recruitment journey, including active engagement post start date, to ensure all parties remained satisfied and engaged. 

The Talent Evolution Group team provided a dedicated point of contact for all candidates and hiring managers. This approach allowed us to tailor support to the specific needs and preferences of everyone involved in the recruitment process. By offering personalised assistance and effective communication, we ensured that candidates felt valued and supported throughout their journey; thereby enhancing engagement and commitment. 

Through consistent communication and ongoing support, Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group was able to maintain candidate enthusiasm and involvement, ensuring high candidate retention rates throughout the project. 


Key Performance IndicatorData
Total number of vacancies across 12 locations57
Total number of applications screened/interviewed by Cpl's Talent Evolution Group188
Total number of candidates interviewed by client87
Total number of hires
(5 filled directly by client, 2 cancelled)
Interview to hire ratio2.5:1
Average time to hire9 weeks
Retention rate after 12 months97%

Having quickly understood the project brief, Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group was able to identify the critical service elements and deploy them quickly to maximum effect. Our client was able to complete both projects on time, within budget, and with exceptional retention rates. Our post-project customer satisfaction survey scored over 95% for both candidates and the client.